Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OK, ok, I've been tagged!

My cousin Jenn tagged me over a week ago and I have been dragging my feet a little to reply to her invitation. I am not a big fan of chain letters, chain posts, or any other type of chain, thus my reluctance. (I actually sent back a quilting square chain that had been sent to me - I know, I am mean!) But being that it is Jenn's birthday today (Happy 28th Jenn!), I have decided to complete the task at hand because I love her and because she's pregnant. And lets face it, who wants to let down a pregnant lady on her birthday? Not me I say, NOT ME!!

8 Random Facts!

1. I LOVE trivia. I am not especially good at it but I love facts of history, cultures, and people. I have recently purchased 5 trivia games from garage sales and I try and get Mark to play any free chance I get!Which leads me to my next fact....

2. I LOVE garage sales. I love going out on a Saturday morning and looking for the bright neon signs with the arrows pointing me to my next "Great Find"! Last Saturday I found a lady selling old toys (like the ones I use to play with as a child) and she gave me a box full for $1. And they were in Great condition!! It's treasures like this that keep me excited for Saturdays.

3. I am a scary movie watcher wanna be. I say I like scary movies until the scary part of the movie and then I think to myself "This isn't fun, why am I watching this?"

4. I like healthy cereals. You know the ones that most people add sugar to. I like to eat them plain. I like Raisin Bran, Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat! Yum!!

5. When I was little I tried to trick the tooth fairy with 2 dried up peas!

6. I love music. I have played the piano, the violin, the drums, the guitar, and soon the ukulele. (I wish I could still play them all) I have always been really good at remembering the lyrics to songs too. I can hear a song once or twice and know the words the next time I hear it months later. Sometimes I will hear an old song and start singing along to it and then I think "how do i know this song?"

7. I had my own radio show when I was little. Sure my guests were my sisters and baby brother, and my studio was my bedroom with a toy tape recorder and microphone, and my song breaks included me singing a song that I made up on the spot, but I was a HIT! I actually have a tape of it somewhere. Which will remain hidden!

8... is my lucky number!

Hope you enjoyed!

Hope you have a great day Jenn!

Friday, August 24, 2007

We've got tickets!

It's official!

I just called Mark at work to find out that he's scored
free tickets to see this band
next Tuesday night! Any guesses which band it is?
hint: According to Billboard chart statistics, this band is second only to the Beach Boys as the most successful American rock band of all time

Thoughts of a "wanna be" runner...

Ok so I have started running. I'm crazy, I don't even like running! But some things must be done and so here I am, a wanna be runner. (but lets face the facts, my out of shape body can really only muster up a slow jog!)
As I was running, eh um ... jogging... this morning I thought about all the random thoughts I have while trying to keep my mind off the fact that my legs feel like lead. So, I have decided to share with you all my random thoughts. Here we go...
Why do people litter? I am disgusted by those who can throw a piece of garbage on the ground without thought. We should all be more aware of keeping the world we've been blessed to live in clean and trash free. Kudos to the sweet lady I saw with her 2 children picking up trash around a neighborhood playground this morning. And at 6:45 in the morning too!!! What a great example she is setting for them! Maybe I should bring a rubbish bag with me when I take Emma on walks and pick up trash too! (with some hand sanitizer - I am still my mothers daughter ;)
So pick up your rubbish!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy International Friendship Week!

When I was younger I really, REALLY wanted to have a best friend. I wanted one girl who I could share all my secrets, have sleepovers with, and wear the ever famous necklace with. But I never really had just one friend that I felt especially close to. I felt sad when I would see other girls with their "bosom buddies" as Anne of Green Gables would put it. I felt a little left out. Although, as a young girl I did have many good friends that I spent many hours with playing barbies (Anne do you think my barbie can live in the mansion with you and Ken now? :), giggling, and jumping on the trampoline.

As I grew a little older the need for just one friend lessened and I felt lucky to have a group of friends to hang out with talking about boys, having sleepovers, going to Stake dances then watching SNL (back when it was good), and going to girls camp. At times some of us would be closer than others. We would fight about things that seemed really important at that ever fragile High School stage, and then months later we were great friends again. We all became each others "best friends" I think.

When we grew up a little more we were roommates at college. I have heard many people suggest not to room with your friends because it will ruin your friendship. I'd like to say to those people that they never had the opportunity to live with MY friends. Sure we got on each others nerves, but we could laugh about it later. We stayed up late talking about boys, had weekend visits with Kate from Rexburg, woke up early to Danielle playing G Love and Special Sauce, watching "Bring it on" and "Drive me Crazy" till Anne knew every line word for word, throwing parties where we would sport our roommate matching t-shirts, going to BYU games, trying to ambush our friends in the middle of the night with a water fight and Emily nearly getting pnemonia as our plan backfired. Good times!

We were each others chefs, maids, chauffeurs, answering service, confidantes, therapists, mentors, accomplices, supporters, listening ears, and sisters.
And in most of these cases we still are!

Sometimes months pass without speaking with them but when I need to chat I know they are just a phone call away. And when we talk it's as if we could just start right back up where we left off.

I look back at my youth and (what I call ) pre-adulthood, and think how I was blessed by having not "a best friend" but having many best friends. I could easily share by best friends necklace with each of them. I have been blessed by each of their friendships for different reasons. I believe I am who I am because of these girls. And now as I see their lives and the women they have become, they inspire me still. They are mothers, mother-to-be, future mother, writer, teacher, nurse, decorators, bloggers, bargain shoppers, supportive, understanding, passionate, witty, daring, articulate, funny, BEAUTIFUL, and my best friends!

Mark and Kate Butler

Taylor, Anne & Blaine Cropper

Travis & Danielle Wilson

Nate, Emily & Henry Williams

I miss you all and love you MORE!

p.s. I feel the need to explain that although I have picked these 4 lovely ladies to highlight, I want you all to know that I am thinking of all of you out there whom I call friends during this week o' friendship.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Ok so we've been back for two weeks. (Yikes has it really been that long?) And I am sorry that I have failed to give you an update of Emma's first plane ride, and our trip. Here are just some of our plane trip highlights:

Arriving at our one hall, 1-4 gate (that they might as well call 1), 3 airline airport, 1 hour before takeoff. Checking in and getting a little bit of a talking to by the male receptionist about how I need to plan better and get there earlier. (HELLO did you see the baby on my hip?) The female receptionist next to him overhearing what he was saying to me and rolling her eyes gave me a "I understand" look.

Having an empty seat next to us on our Medford to SLC flight. Emma did SO well and before we knew it, we were in Salt Lake.

Walking through the airport with Emma talking so much she was attracting a crowd. (seriously, people would purposely walk at our pace so they could watch Emma in her stroller)

Sitting next to the nicest guy (so nice that I could let slide the fact that he was toting his own spittoon along with him - YUCK) on a full plane from SLC to Phoenix. Him playing with her and letting us use his seat as a changing table after the stewardess said "I wouldn't use those bathrooms, let alone bring my child into one of them". Him saying as we landed "Now if you need help getting you bags when we land, just let me know".

Finally arriving at our destination, Phoenix, and Emma FINALLY cracking while her mother is grabbing: one HUGE hiking backpack, one portable crib, one car seat base (yes I decided to bring it), all while pushing her stroller out to the 100+ degree weather. Can you blame her?

Our trip (which you can see full detail of on our family blog here.)

Getting to the airport a couple hours early for our flight home and after talking to a very accommodating stewardess, getting a whole row of seats to ourselves and Emma sleeping the whole trip while her mom played on board trivia with other passengers through the seat console. (I LOVE trivia, so how could I have passed that up?)

Our final leg of the trip Emma being exhausted screamed the whole way up and the whole way down. But not to worry, her making faces and talking to everyone and anyone that would listen the rest of the trip helped our chances of still being liked after the place landed. And the sweetest lady turned to me during the flight and whispered, "you're a good mamma" while patting my shoulder.

Thanks so much for all of your advice. It really helped me feel a lot more confident going into the trip. I have some great friends and they give GREAT advice!

My words of advice now having gone through it, "You can make it through, but when you have the choice, don't travel without your husband!"

Thanks again!!
p.s. sorry I didn't take any pictures, you will have to use your imagination :) But here is a recent one of Emma just for fun.