Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Call for HELP!

The excitement hasn't lessened here since our blood has begun to bleed blue (say that 10 times fast). Amid all the excitement there are things to do and plans to be made. And who else would I turn to but my bloggy pals for advice when advice is needed. Which is:
Where should we live? As I know many of you are not in Utah county I am sure that you will still have some helpful advice as most of you know someone who lives or has once lived in the "happy valley". We are open to all and as many suggestions as we can take.

How do we find a nice, cute place while we are in Oregon and will most likely have to decide on a place without seeing it first?

Should we brave the dorm life again?

Should we live close to campus or can we find a cheaper place further away?

What price range are we looking at?

Can we find a 3 bedroom for under $800?

Feel free to add any other helpful hints as well.

And PLEASE tell your friends as we would like as much help as we can get!

Thanks guys!