Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back with a Bang!!

So, I know I have been gone a LONG time! I just needed a little break and I hope that you all will forgive me and make my blog part of your blogging routine again.
We've been really busy making plans to move and have finally found an place. We were lucky enough to score an apartment at Wymount and are feeling overwhelmingly blessed. The apartment that we are moving into is not available until the 18th of September but Mark will be starting school on the 2nd so we will be moving the 29th of August. We can't wait to see all of our Utah resident friends and family and are excited to call Provo home for a couple of years.
With all the hussle and bustle we have much to be excited about and grateful for but one thing trumps all........I'm pregnant! Emma is going to be a big sister and we just couldn't be happier! I am feeling fine. No sickness yet but if this baby is anything like Emma I won't get sick for a few weeks and then when I do I will be sick half way through the 2nd trimester. But I am trying some positive thinking like......"maybe we will have a boy and I won't get very sick with a boy!"
Ok, so maybe thats all hogwash but like I said I'm just trying some positive thinking! :)
Emma has been growing like a weed and is learning tons of words. She is starting to repeat most words back to us. Marks favorite addition to Emmas vocabulary is one he recently taught her "Peace Out!"

To watch Emma in action go HERE!